• Work with a real humanoid robot
  • And the latest developments in telepresence robotics, using
    • Virtual & Augmented Reality
    • Sensory processing (TOF Cameras, SLAM, Haptics, …)
    • Force-Feedback suits
    • Control Engineering (Model-based Control, Simulation, IK, Sensor Fusion, Reinforcement Learning, …)
    • Machine Learning
  • Build and extend the hardware, integrate new operator devices, sensors, …
  • Become part of a dedicated, interdisciplinary & fast-paced team, living for robotics with every fibre of their being
  • Work with us towards winning the largest humanoid robotics competition in the world (we’re in semi-finals already, see below)
  • Potentially travel with us to the finals (likely US or JP) and meet the who-is-who of the humanoid robotics world (and their robots)

We will …

  • Guide you in an agile hardware development & project management process – so it becomes a habit for life (using Jira, Code-Reviews, Adaptive sprints, Retros, Confluence, Tests)
  • Onboard you into our tech-stack, so you hit the ground running
  • Provide all the resources necessary (hardware, software licenses, …) – so you can focus on building the tech
  • Ensure you work on projects that fit your skills, skill-level and interests
  • Help you, to grow beyond Roboy in your career: Have a dream job? Or need an idea what your ideal next step after your studies could be? Roboy is known throughout the robotics world, and we are connected to all major universities (e.g. ETH Zurich, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, MIT, Harvard, University of California, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ben Gurion University, KTH, IIT Italy, EPFL, Fraunhofer, …), corporates (e.g. Google, NVidia, Microsoft, Infineon, Amazon, …) and robotics/XR/supplier companies (e.g. Shadow Robotics, Kuka, B&R, F&P, …), – excel in Roboy Student Team and we will open our network for you, be it for a thesis, PhD position, study program (e.g. a MSc. in Oxford) or future work position. So wherever it is we will make the right intro and combine it with a stellar (but honest, so you’ll have to earn it) reference.
  • NOT TEACH TECH! – You’ve studied for years to learn this :), bringing us to what …

We expect you to …

  • already have a sound understanding of the area you want to be working on.
    Roboy is where you apply what you’ve been learning the last years in the university and whatever you still need to learn (it’s usually quite a lot, because theory isn’t practice), you learn by doing. (If you don’t qualify, we’re happy to talk to you what to go and learn given your current skills, so you can become part of Roboy in a later semester.)
  • work independently and self-motivated – we’re burning for robotics and deep tech, we expect you to do so too (I mean, why else would you study this?)
  • have deep, very nerdy, merit-based discussions with us on the different ways of solving the tech problems we face on our development roadmap. (“AI” and other hype-tech is not a one-size-fits-all answer)
  • think beyond the boundaries of your work at Roboy – in domain (other teams) and time (future teams)
  • build for the future generations of Roboyans – while much of what we do is exploratory, there will be future Roboyans that want to build something new on top of what you’ve built, so there will be also necessary grunt work (refactoring, documentation, cleanups, …) – we do it, you do it, and we all have a better system to work with.
  • being motivated and give 150% to show the world, that Europe is far from loosing ground when it comes to intelligent hardware (German engineering isn’t famous for nothing, right?) – There’s space for 1 or 2 exams, and we will reduce workload to accommodate some time to learning, but our expectation is that Roboy is your center of life for the time you’re part of it.
  • have an open mind – we don’t talk about diversity – we just are, live it, and expect you to be open to all the wonderfully weird people out there. (In fact, this is the only place you’ll read about this.)
  • be part of the team – proactively organise team-building efforts with us: Passionate about hiking? set one up, we’re looking forward to join. Or hip hop classes, culinary excursions, music jam sessions, rave parties, sports sessions, … – we’ve had it all, and we loved it, so whatever your passion, we’d love to share it. (We will even cover the costs for these events.)

You still have questions? You can talk to us on Telegram any time ( but first, read on …


  1. Carefully read all the info below – we will ask questions on the content in the interview
  2. Decide that you really wanna do this – when we said it’s a lot of work, we mean it, it’s not like you win a competition by waiting for the work to do itself đŸ˜‰
  3. If you’re part of a TUM MSc. program in informatics, games engineering or RCI and want to get ECTS as part of Roboy Student Team, IN2106
    1. Book the interview here: – slots are limited and given on first-come first-serve basis
    2. Learn if you’re accepted by 19.7. – in the evening, so you can still update your preference in matching
    3. If you’re accepted, put Roboy Student Team or Seminar to Prio 1 in Matching – we will do so too.
  4. If you’re part of TUM but still in BSc. and want to do IN0012 – Bachelor Praktikum
    1. Understand that we are looking for students who really want to apply their knowledge and that we mean it when we say that we do not teach any tech – so if you’ve been building robots/programs/… all your life already and you’re looking for a challenge with hard tech, you could be in 1st semester for all we care. In our experience tech skill is only loosely correlated to study progress, and that’s why it’s also listed as a Bachelor’s lab course. Since one tends to learn a few things during study, chances are higher once you’re in Master’s to have what it takes though.
    2. If you think you’re ready, GOTO 3.1
  5. If you’re part of another faculty (EE, ME, …) or the matching deadline has already passed.
    1. Book an interview here: (slots past matching deadline will be available once matching process is over.)
    2. Learn if you’re accepted within 1 week of the interview
    3. Accept & we’ll onboard you to the team.

You still have questions? You can talk to us on Telegram any time ( but first, read on …


You still have questions? You can talk to us on Telegram any time ( but first, read on …


The topics in the link are what’s upcoming on our short-term roadmap. We will look to staff high-priority projects first, and assignment is based on a joint assessment of your skills, wants, team-dynamics, and how we think we progress fastest. And we adapt as we go:

You still have questions? You can talk to us on Telegram any time ( but first, read on …


  • Lab Course at TU Munich
    • For Informatics, Games Engineering & RCI: Roboy Student Team, IN2106 (Also IN0012, but consider what we wrote in the application process about it)
    • Forschungs/Ingenieurs Praxis (as EE student)
    • IDP (after having done Roboy Student Team)
  • Theses (BSc, MSc, Semester)
    • Requires to have completed Roboy Student Team (or you to be so extremely exceptional, that we just can’t say no.)
    • Possible in almost any department at any university. – Talk to us, we’ll find a way.

You still have questions?


OK! Since you’ve read all there is to read on this page, and we assume you’ve already asked Google, checked our youtube & social media channels, asked fellow students and maybe even your pet’s spiritual councillor, it’s probably time to really talk to us on Telegram: – Do, we’re looking forward to hear what we’ve missed.

No, all clear! Let me apply!

Great, then book your interview here: