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Wondering about the Ice Cream?

Find out at the recruiting day:
31.01.2019 – 17h00 – TUM Entrepreneurship Center, Lichtenbergstrasse 8, 85748 Garching

It was a blast, here are the slides with all Info on the course

We’re opening a second round of applications for ME, EI & Designers

Roboy application Process (Round 2):

  1. Submit application by 9.4. below.
  2. Register for Interview (Link sent out on 9.4.) on 12.4.
  3. Know if you’re in by 15.4.

At Roboy you can do


  • Informatics (e.g. Cognition, NLP, DL, RL, Control)
  • Electrical Engineering (e.g. building sensors, electronics, Radar)
  • Mechanical Engineering (e.g. building robots, 3D printing, generative design, tensegrity, light weight design)
  • Economics (e.g. working in Roboy Marketing, Sales, Business Analytics, Growth Hacking, Key Account Management, …)
  • and more… (e.g. Agile Coach)

Application Form

* At Roboy we have a single guiding credo: “Stop talking. Start doing.”
We strive to win the Avatar XPRIZE and there is no time to loose! So we are looking for the most badass nerds, motivated to trade their waking life for an adventure of their lifetime. Convince us, why you should be among the selected few we invest our time, experience and ample hard- and software budgets in, to help us make our avater dream come possible?  Show us!
Send us what you think expresses best who you are and what you can do. It can be a short video (<90 sec), an essay, a portfolio, a pitchdeck, a piece of code, a github profile, projects you’ve done so far, or your winning recipe for the perfect team in which you were the master chef. Go on, upload it somewhere and post the link in the “The Link!” field.

Show us extraordinary!