The human body is a marvel of engineering: it’s dexterous, strong, soft, and even self-repairing. Just imagine what a robot with these qualities could do for us! A true moonshot, but we have a plan how to get there:


Roboy imitates the musculoskeletal system of the human body. It has thus muscles and tendons, just as we do. This at first makes the robot hard to control, but enables softer motions, better understanding of how we control our bodies and eventually robot-bodies that feel just like ours.

Taking the human body as a template, our own existence is proof that eventually we will be able to build robots just as good. All we need to do is to figure out how.

Upcoming: Roboy the Cook

From serving ice cream to cooking. Now that Roboy just manages to serve ice cream, it’s time to think of our next goal. From manipulation of ice, to dexterous manipulation of goods. Quite a challenge! We’ll need a much more versatile hand, better vision to detect the objects, a new…

Agile Hardware Development

Robots as good as the human body – a simple vision, hard to achieve. We have been forged by nature and the interaction with its harsh reality. That’s why we don’t build robots for the lab but take them out first to fairs and later out of the building to…

Next 2 Years: XPRIZE

A prize made for Roboy – For the first time, a price plays to the strengths of Roboy and its musculoskeletal approach. This makes us even more determined, to build the best telepresence robot in the world.

musculoskeletal Robotics

why we imitate biology

Compliant, musculoskeletal robotic systems offer several advantages, especially in situations where human and robot work in close proximity. A musculoskeletal design makes extensive use of elastic materials to emulate the muscles and tendons which enhance safety, dexterity and adaptivity in uncertain environments. It also allows reducing body weight and developmental cost, while at the same time increasing design flexibility.


loved by the crowds

In contrast to virtually everyone else, we’re not afraid of showing our robots before they’re completely done. We use the crowds to test early, to talk about our work and to make sure, you love the robots we build.


the moon is not the limit

Roboy is a true moonshot, where the commercially viable at-scale solution lies decades away. To break this monumental task down into achieve- and fundable steps, we implement a vision roadmap that first gradually challenges our robots and then creates commercial value in different fields to accelerate our progress.

Mar, 2013
Birth of Roboy
Roboy Team Foundation
Aug, 2015
Apr, 2016
Roboy Joins Human Brain Project
Roboy 2.0
Apr, 2018
Aug, 2018
Roboy DJ
Roboy Joins the XPRIZE
Jan, 2019
Feb, 2019
Roboy Rikscha
Roboy Sells Ice Cream
Aug, 2019
Feb, 2020
Roboy the Cook
Roboy Avatar
Aug, 2020
Feb, 2021
Roboy The Waiter
Roboy the Carpenter
Feb, 2022
Apr, 2022
Roboy Builds Roboy
Feb, 2023
Feb, 2024
Mars Roboy
Industrial Scale Telepresence
Jan, 2032
Jan, 2042
Clinically Relevant Musculoskeletal Systems
As Good As The Human Body
Jan, 2050

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Upcoming: Roboy the Cook

From serving ice cream to cooking. Now that Roboy just manages to serve ice cream, it’s time to think of our next goal. From manipulation…
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Roboy SS19 Finals

Another Semester has passed and it is time to celebrate our advances! And there have been a plethora: Not only will you see Roboy serve…
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The vision & mission

The human body is a marvel from a robotics perspective: it’s agile, strong, soft, dynamic, self-repairing, self-building and completely silent…
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