Make Robots Make Sense

The great Roboy 3.0 unveiling is an event that crosses the edge of what it means to be human and what it means to become a robot – and reflects on this transition. Join us in this first step into a bolder digital-physical-linked future.

Roboy x Infineon at a Glance
2018 – 2020

Great numbers

  • 4 millions+ social media video views at CIIE*
  • 4122+ hugs and counting**
  • 1347+ selfies with your logo**
  • 15’000+ interactions with Roboy at events***
  • 1400+ Infineon employees loved Roboy****
  • 10 Infineon technologies in Roboy from 3 divisions
  • 1 visionary moonshot that truly makes your vision physical

* publicly accessible views on social networks
** as per hugs & selfie counting database, potential additional hugs
*** 19 event days, 800 interactions per day (lower bound, we managed 800 hugs in 1 day)
**** 40 each: electronica, octobertech, MWC, S+T, CIIE, 200 HPF, 1000 25y Dresden

Great tech

  • PSS:
    • XENSIV™ 60GHz – Radar Sensor
    • IM69D130 – MEMS Microphones
    • DPS368 – Pressure Sensor
    • BSZ100N06NS-DS – MOSFETs
    • PicoFlexx – TOF Camera
  • ATV:
    • TLE493D – 3D magnetic Sensor
    • TLI4970 – Current Sensor
    • TLE9879 – Motor Control
  • DSS:
    • OPTIGA™ Connect OC2321 – eSIM
    • SLS32AIA020X4 – OPTIGA™ Trust X


Let’s win the largest humanoid robot competition together

The competition

  • Create a system that teleports a human to a remote place by remote operating a robot
  • The best operator experience wins
  • The who-is-who in robotics competes
  • Price purse: 10’000’000 USD (1st: 5M$, 2nd: 3M$, 3rd: 1M$)
  • Competing teams: 77 left globally, only 2 German, only 1 Bavarian – Roboy
  • Roboy among top 20

Roboy’s approach

The operator sees what the robot sees and hears what the robot hears. Because the head is being tracked, the operator feels embodied in the robot and forgets she’s somewhere else.

The full system we’re working on comprises a complex operator suit with force-feedback, haptic gloves, a VR headset and an omnidirectional threadmill. A first prototype will be working by 10/2020


Your mission is our purpose:
easier, safer, greener

Teleoperated systems will change not only how we experience distance and bridge physical divides between places in a near-instantaneous manner. They will dramatically improve life in making it easier, safer, and greener. They will bring our loved ones closer through an intuitive, embodied joint presence with them over thousands of kilometres. Hazardous but life-saving occupations, such as search-and-rescue, outbreak control, and fire fighting will not require that a human being put her life at risk to save others. Finally, teleoperated systems will significantly enable meeting sustainability goals through reducing travel.

Your vision is our driver: telepresence is experiencing
the link

Two places, physically linked through a digital interface, transporting the presence of an operator from one place to the other. This not only lets you experience the link, but the driver of Roboy’s telepresence solution and approach to win the ANA Avatar XPRIZE. We truly want the operator to see what the robot sees, hear what the robot hears and feel what the robot feels, to close the gap between being physical and virtual.

Roboy x Infineon IN THE FUTURE

Our value

  • Your Vision & Mission in one product: Roboy truly is the link between the real and digital world
    • Link between whats technologically possible today with what will be societally necessary tomorrow  – telepresence, health care humanoid robots, embodied experience, sustainable infrastructure
    • Enable not only the functioning of daily life but the imagination of a better, bolder future humanity
    • Roboy is a positive ambassador, imbued with Infineon technology
  • Better robots make better fairs
    • Electronica 2020, OctoberTech 2020, CIIE 2020, CES2021, MWC 2021
    • New Showcases:
      • Teleoperate the Robot
      • Automated Selfies
      • Operator Suite
      • See Sound
      • See New Colors
      • Feel Materials
  • Make Robots Make Sense
    • Unveil the Robot with us in a globally visible, transnational unveiling event – a first of its kind.
  • Demo Capabilities for New Showcases
    New Parts in Roboy
    • Cypress Mesh Bluetooth Modules
    • Cypress USB-C connectors for motor boards
    • DPS368 Air Pressure Sensor
    • Real3 TOF Camera
    • Tailored solution: tell us what’s important, we’ll find an application.
  • Become main partner of Roboy Avatar XPRIZE
    • Largest global robotics competition with 10m$ price purse.
    • 77 qualified team, just 2 German, one is Roboy
    • Global visibility, the best robotics team world-wide compete

What we need to win

  • Saying YES to Roboy and a strategic partnership
  • Continued support to work with your technology and embed it in Roboy
  • Help to find further sponsors to grow the project
  • 2x 250’000€ for the next two years


700’000+ Views

780’000+ Views
1’300’000+ Views



Final Message from the CEO

Dear Infineon,

You’ve definitely been our most beloved partner in the last 2 years. We’ve gone through amazing adventures together and we’ve created everlasting memories for you. Robots are the infrastructure of the future and Roboy is at the forefront. We now have the chance to shape the future together and win the most prestigious robotics price in the world – together!

Let’s show the world, that COVID-19 is not just a crisis, but also an opportunity to move towards our joint visions!

Looking forward to grow our fruitful partnership and bring it to the next level.

Rafael, Roboy & the Team