About Us

Devanthro – Society for the development of anthropomimetic robots is a non-profit society after Swiss law ZGB §60ff, supporting the development of robots that imitate the human body.

It coordinates the research efforts and cooperations around the development of the roboy platform.

The support is focused on all areas relevant for humanoid robots, especially:

  • Biomimetic muscoloskeletal mechanics
  • Control of systems with many degrees of freedom and complex dynamics.
  • Human-robotics interaction
  • Learning and developmental robotics
  • Care and service robotics

Why Biomimetic Robots?

Evolution had billions of years and billions of generations to optimize creatures for best survival. Thereby many fascinating systems have come to be and proof that countless problems we face today in robotics do have a solution right in front of our eyes. All we need to figure out is how it is done. Therefore studying biological systems in their entire intricacy provides a natural and promising path for research.

Why Humanoid Robots?

There are many good reasons why specifically humanoid robots:

  • As researchers we have the object of study right in front of our eyes at all times and we can draw inspiration from our years of experience of being human.
  • Building humanoids not only poses a great technical challenge but also  includes the full spectrum of interesting social questions.
  • Researchers and the public can relate to humanoid robots, because we all have an intuitive idea of how they should react from our daily interactions with humans.
  • The human body is the most studied biological system, therefore there is vast amount of research to draw from. 

Open Hardware

Building an anthropomimetic hardware that fulfills all of our goals is a tremendous task, where we will face problems that we cannot even imagine yet. We think that in order to push the development as cooperative action, we cannot lock developments behind commercial walls. Therefore we publish all the research funded by Devanthro with the BSD 3-clause license for code and the CC-BY 4.0 license for CAD and materials.


  • President
    Rafael Hostettler
  • Vice President
    Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeifer
  • Medical Advisory Board
    Prof. Dr. Stephan Wetzel
    Dr. Hans Mokry

Join Us

Devanthro welcomes new members – private and institutional – at any time. The member ship fees are invested in the development of roboy. All results will be released as Open Hard- and Software

We also welcome institutions that want to actively work with roboy or provide hard- and software to the community. Please inquire with us at gro.o1516793411rhtna1516793411ved@o1516793411fni1516793411