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Musculoskeletal robot platforms

a full scale humanoid robot research platform

Vision System

  • Vision
    The goal of Roboy Vision project is to provide Roboy with extensive vision capabilities. This means to recognize, localize and classify objects in the environment as well as to provide data for localization to be processed by other modules.

Dialog Platform

  • Dialog3
    To say and what to say, that is the question! A 3-layer approach to smart answers with rules, memory and neural-networks.

Myo Muscle Kit

  • muscarm_full
    Musc is the only open-source modular musculoskeletal robotics toolkit. Musc has all the complex effects – pull only, tendon wrapping, hysteresis – that biological muscles have as well.

Biomimetic Hand

  • Hand_DesignPics
    Roboy´s tendon driven anthropomorphic hand is closely mimics the human hand. The hand is perfect for signs: pointing, waving, fist-bump – or even mimicking Captain Spock.


  • RoboySkin
    Skin is the largest organ of the human body. So far, Roboy had to live without it – but not much longer. Our silicone skin allows it to sense pressure while at the same time protecting the electronics.


  • VRoboy_DesignPic
    RoboyVR is a virtual reality experience in which the user can watch, but also interact with Roboy while he performs specific tasks.

Roboy’s Vision System

train your own visual detection system

Features of Roboy’s Vision System

  • DLIB: Facial landmarks and face recognition
  • Joint Face Detection and Alignment using Multi-task Cascaded Convolutional Networks
  • Unified, Real-Time Object Detection
  • FaceNet: A Unified Embedding for Face Recognition and Clustering

Roboy’s Dialog Platform

a real human robot interface

Features of Roboy’s Dialog Platform

  • Open Logic for research and studying
  • Customizable Dialog Flow by requirements
  • Based on Deep learning generative neural networks
  • Teach Roboy to talk
  • Create your own chat bot

Myo muscle kit

the muscle for all applications

Features of the MYO Muscle Kit

  • Maxon brushless DC motors
  • Customizable motor boards
  • Complete system to build your muscle units
  • Program your muscle units

Why you need to have MUSC

a robotics toolkit that fits its user needs


Musc imitates the musculoskeletal system of the human body. With all its complexities, but also all its opportunities.


An arm? legs? 6 muscles? 9? just a test setup? Musc is flexible – build whatever morphology you want.

Open Source

Musc is BSD and CC-BY 4.0 licensed. Means: unrestricted modifications to your use-case.

ROS Controlled

The robotics research world speaks ROS, so do we. But if you really want Matlab, we do that as well. 

For Research

Musc is geared at researchers, not roboticists. Biologists, sports, medicine, neuroscientists: focus on research, not handling robots.

User Centred

We develop Musc with lead-users applying user-centric product development paradigms. To make sure, you want to work with it.

Areas of Application

what to use musc for?


Medical Research

Musc shows comparable behaviour to biological musculoskeletal systems: use it to simulate the effects of a change in muscle attachment or muscle strength – e.g. after a stroke. 



Musc has all the complex effects – pull only, tendon wrapping, hysteresis – that biological muscles have as well. They are therefore ideally suited for a bio-plausible control pipeline in locomotor research. 


Exoskeleton & Prosthetics

The bioinspired mechatronics are ideally suited as a basis to build prosthetics and exoskeletons based on this technology.

Roboy’s skin

tactile and sensitive silikon skin

Features of Roboy’s skin

  • 2D wave guide skin
  • Measuring pressure and position
  • Applicable to many surfaces
  • Deformable
  • Scalable


see and be seen

Features of VR & AR

  • Use the Roboy Environment, Model
  • Control strategy and create your own userinteraction
  • Develop the logic on top
  • Program games for learning

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