Roboy is coming to BELGIUM!

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Hi there! Roboy is coming to Belgium and we plan on building a team that aims to win the Roboy Parkour Competition: www.roboy.org/win


Passionate, forward-thinking, future-positive, young, smart and full of fight? First and foremost a doer, achiever, not afraid to fail, someone who always gets up, and tries again, learning from the previous failure? You understand the value of a good party just as well as how important it is to work in a dedicated team? Welcome to Roboy – the best thing you can do turn your studies into experience.


Student Team Lead

You talk to techies just as well as corporates. You strive to build an unparalleled professional network in record time? You lead with diligence, compassion and understand what it takes to reach impossible goals? Then this might be you: With our help, you’ll be building a team of 30 – 50 students, a corporate network of sponsors in Belgium and a tech powerhouse that will work with the other Roboy Teams win the ANA Avatar XPRIZE.

Head of Technology

ADR, ROS, TSN, Lyapunov, Fusion – you know where each of them belongs and why we need them. Robotics is an interdisciplinary exercise unlike any other and you’re up for the task. You love breaking complexity into manageable chunks and help puzzling them together? And at the same time you’re still a very communicative and down to earth person? But also, you can oversee wast oceans of interconnected dependencies, reaching from the mechanical to the cognitive system? Then this is for you. Assemble the tech teams and lead them to their glory. Work with the Core team in Munich and bring Roboy to the next level.

Head of Agile & Operations

At Roboy, we aim to be fast. And fast requires good organisation and communication. You love to set up processes that get out of the way? You love to keep them up and running smoothly, but also don’t shy away from doing the tough work at times, to ensure it’s better in the long run? You LOVE organizing things, from parties to large events? You like to maintain things, have a spot-on eye on details, love to solve problems, and understand that your biggest success is to remove all hurdles of the team? Perfect, because you will be the operative soul of the team!

Head of Marketing & Communitcations

You just spotted the typo and cringed? Good! Your spot on eye for detail, combined with solid writing and a creative free spirit is what is necessary to make Roboy known all over Belgium. You love to get in contact with the Press and handle the toughest questions without a sweat. You have a playful way of working with a CI

Everyone Else?

You don’t fit any of the above but are on fire and think you’re the one missing! Excellent! This is just the beginning, the roles will quickly evolve and we’ll certainly find a good spot for you!


Travel, Newest Tech, Robots, Challenge, Connections, Becoming a better Techie/Leader, Network, Fail Fast, Startup Culture, Big Vision (also check: /students)

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This is the Intro to the German Roboy Team – to get some inspiration 🙂