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Roboy Junior is the foundation of the Roboy project. He was the first Roboy, developed in only 9 month and born to the public on 9.3.2013 during the robots on tour event.

Read more about how the project has been brought to life thanks to the efforts of many helpful partners.

From Junior into the future

What has been started with Roboy Junior has sparked into many activities:

Research Collaborations


A close collaboration between Roboy and the ongoing EU Research Project Myorobotics.

_MG_3153Roboy’s muscles are modular, replicated throughout his body. Myorobotics is taking this idea further, developing bone and joint modules as well, creating a robotics toolkit for tendon driven robots that can be designed, simulated, optimized and controlled in one coherent framework.

Human Brain Project

In the EU 1 Billion € flagship human brain project, simulated brains are being built. And we, in close collaboration with the head of the Neurorobotics part of the project, Prof. Alois Knoll from TU Munich, provide a basis for the robots to be used in the project. Muscolo-skeletal systems are natural partners for brains as they evolved together. Therefore we expect not only deep insights on how to control complex soft robots but also hope to bring virtual brains into our physical reality.

University of Melbourne

The robotics research group at the University of Melbourne has a strong theoretical background in controlling muscle-like tendon-driven systems. In a close collaboration with Dr. Darwin Lau and Dr. Denny Oetomo, we provide them with our hardware, while in return their knowledge is being transferred into the software, improving the control and ability of Roboy.

Roboy at School

Roboy at school is an initiative founded to spark interest of teenagers into the natural sciences.

Devanthro – A Society to coordinate the efforts

In order to maintain our vision of building a robot that moves like a human, a society has been founded that coordinates the research and dissemination actions, as well as integrates the efforts by all the partners to build the next roboy.