Signing Up to Roboy

Hey there! Great to have you sign up!

Since we like being efficient, submitting this form does a few things automagically.

To understand what happens, here’s a short outline – please read it, thanks!

1. You fill in the form and submit it (yay!)

2. You will get an E-Mail from, asking you to sign a document with 5 parts:

  • IP Release – this makes sure all IP in Roboy stays open-source and usable for everyone (including you of course).
  • Media Release – we LOVE to take photos and do social media etc. – so with this, you give us the right to share our <3.
  • Research Agreement – Roboy has embedded researchers that analyze the team to make it better. We hold them to strict standards to protect your data 🙂
  • Confidentiality Agreement – While we love open, sometimes we get to play with technology from our partners that is still secret, this is where this comes into play.
  • Data Protection – DSGVO enforces strict standards for usage of data, we need you to understand how we handle your data!

3. Once you’ve successfully signed this agreement, the fun continues and friendly Zapier will:

  1. Create an Account to access Jira & Confluence (you’ll get a mail from
  2. Add your github account to Roboy’s team
  3. Send you an Email with further instructions – read it to get started!

That’s it! Now, let’s get started:

The Form