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Roboy & Lucy


Roboy - a Robot that discovers the world

Educating children & executives on
digitalisation, AI and their ethics
based on a real robot and his
best friend Lucy.



Roboy at School

For the Students, by the Students

Roboy at School is about bringing robotics closer to students in order to fascinate them and motivate them to join the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) subjects.

How about Roboy coming to your school for a whole day?
Teaching about robotics in the social context, anatomy and 3d printing – and then there’s a contest: who can build the fastest robot from hot melt glue, a motor and some cable tighteners?

Here is where Roboy has already been to School:
1.7.2014 in Liestal, BL and 23.9.2014 in Schwyz
24.7.2015 and 25.7.2015 at Klenze-Gymnasium in Munich: see Süddeutsche Zeitung Roboy

We hope he’ll come to your school as well! If you’re interested to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us at gro.y1531943175obor@1531943175maet1531943175.


Roboy Game

Oops, it's alive

Roboy is the main character of the game “Oops, it’s alive”.

The game takes place in a world free from organic life. Roboy is employed by a corporation which seeks to research organic cells for possible profitable applications. Managing to get cells to grow and split, Roboy is quickly getting attached to “his” cells, which he nurtures. When his boss gives in to public pressure caused by fear of organic life and orders them eliminated, Roboy is in great shock and now desperately tries to save them.

“Oops, it’s alive” is a 2D puzzle game, in which the player controls a small ship piloted by Roboy which flies around levels which represent petri dishes containing cell cultures. In these levels the player interacts with the environment, friendly and neutral cells, as well as with enemy cells and robotic enemies.

The overarching story moves along in-between levels. To move up a level a goal needs to be achieved, such as creating a certain number of cells with a specific property. Cells are affected by the environment, they grow and split while in bright places and they die in dark parts of the level, they are also affected by environmental hazards such as barriers or death rays. Additionally, cells can pick up DNA pieces which imbue the cell with new abilities, such as photosynthesis, spikes or the ability to use energy dropped by other cells. The player can move cells, block rays or even provide energy to cells. As the game proceeds, the player gains more and more abilities which he or she learns to use in the next levels.

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Roboy in the Theatre

To be or not to be humanoid

Roboy is the protagonist of the play “To be or not to be humanoid”.
The show is a mini-drama, in which people and robots merge to the point of being unrecognisable.
In a humorous way, this shortcut illuminates the facets of the relationship between man and machine. It shows a world in which robots are so similar to humans that neither humans nor robots can distinguish themselves.

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