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Hire Roboy

Support the project by booking Roboy for your event.
We would be thrilled to attend your company party, christmas party or any other occasion with Roboy. He can be programmed to say what you would like or simply entertain your guests with Roboy’s presence – make your event unforgettable by having a remarkable guest.

For any enquiry send an e-mail to gro.y1531942985obor@1531942985sseni1531942985sub1531942985!

Help Roboy

Upcoming Events


25.08.2017 | Roboy Demo Night

UnternehmerTUM, Lichtenbergstraße 6, 85748 Garching bei München

Traditionally in the end of each semester Roboy Team is hosting a demo night where we show what we’ve been working on for the past half a year.

21.10.2017 – 22.10.2017 | Hack Roboy #3

UnternehmerTUM, Lichtenbergstraße 6, 85748 Garching bei München

After the great success of Roboy’s second Hackathon in April 2017, we are ready for a new one!

Become a Partner

While we don‘t pay our students, building Roboy is still expensive.
To make our project a reality we need your support: monetarily, or with your products & technology.
There is a share of Roboy for you!

Help Roboy


Implementing your products or tools in Roboy can be exciting showcase for your company’s portfolio.


Integrating your software into Roboy can show new applications, and possibly expand your portfolio into different markets.


We treat the Roboy team as a small business and need to constantly educate ourselves. Your valuable expertise in form of consulting, workshops, trainings or implementation ideas can help us reach our goals.


Your monetary support gives us the opportunity to cover the additional materials, hardware, and production parts that have not already been provided by a sponsor.

Become a Team Member


  • Apply your theoretical knowledge to a hands-on project
  • Join an interdisciplinary and international team of students
  • Learn from supervising PhDs, experts, workshops and invited speakers
  • Get access to the new MakerSpace workshop at UnternehmerTUM
  • Get the chance to travel with Roboy to fairs, conferences and international representative event
Help Roboy

We Want You

  • You are highly interested in robotics
  • You are a good team player
  • You can offer valuable skills to the team
  • You are excited to learn new things
  • You are a student at a University (or similar) in Munich – PhD students, post-doc and professors are also welcome!

If this is you, we invite you to join our team of enthusiastic and smart creatives! You can get involved in one or several divisions: robotics, programming, fundraising, marketing, design…

Or you inspire us with your excellent ideas!

Apply here!
For any queries, you can get in touch by emailing gro.y1531942985obor@1531942985maet1531942985.


Want to help the project? Want to work with us? Here’s a list of open topics!

If you are interested in pursuing one of the projects, drop us a line at gro.y1531942985obor@1531942985maet1531942985.

We are also open to your ideas, let us know!

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