New Website!

Once more, Roboy changes his online face in order to reflect the changes in the project. Since the robots on tour last spring many things have happened and Roboy toured the world, visited Beijing, Shanghai, Washington and many places in Switzerland and Germany. To guarantee a long-term future for the project, it is now being coordinated by the non-profit society Devanthro that has been funded to support research in anthropomimetic humanoid robotics.

Please bear with us, if some content is still missing or imperfect. If you find typos, please send them to gro.y1490688561obor@1490688561hr1490688561 and I will gratefully correct it.

Also with time, we will document all the events Roboy has been to in the last months. And of course, we are preparing for Roboy’s first birthday as well as his grand presentation at the Swiss Innovation Pavilion at CeBit.